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This is an Affordable Housing site in Crickhowell

Affordable Housing is low cost housing for sale or rent, to meet the needs of people who cannot afford accommodation through the open market.

There are several different types of affordable housing to suit different needs which are detailed in the table below.

This is a table summarising affordable housing


Types of Affordable Housing

  • Social Rented Housing

    Social Rented Housing is housing provided by a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) such as a Housing Association or Local Authority that is offered for rent at Welsh Assembly Government Benchmark Rent levels. This is specifically aimed at lower income households.

  •  Intermediate Housing
    Intermediate Housing includes both rental and home ownership. Intermediate housing also includes shared equity and shared ownership arrangements which are forms of low cost home ownership.
    • ♦Intermediate Rented/Rental Housing
      Intermediate Rented Housing is normally above social benchmark  but below full market rental level.The  maximum intermediate market rental shall be no more than 80% of Powys Average Open market/Private rent for the relevant property type, and shall not exceed the prevailing Local Housing Allowance (LHA) for the respective Broad Market Rental Area (BMRA).

    •  ♦Shared Equity Housing 
      Shared Equity Housing is where the applicant is offered the opportunity to purchase the property at a discounted rate, the amount of discount is treated as an interest free loan secured as a second charge on the property. The equity held by the Housing Association is effectively and interest free loan repayable on the sale of the property or the stair casing to 100% ownership.

    • ♦Shared Ownership Housing

      This form of tenure occurs where the occupant and (usually) a RSL share ownership of the property. The occupant owns a % of the property and the remainder is owned by the RSL. The occupant pays a rent to the RSL for the proportion of the property the applicant does not own.
    • ♦Affordable Housing for Sale
      The sale price of Affordable housing for sale must reflect local incomes. The affordable sale price calculation is based on local income levels, local house prices, and a mortgage multiplier of x 3.5. The deposit level will vary depending on average deposit levels in Powys. Affordable homes for sale must currently be discounted by 31% of their full open market value.

How do I know if I'm eligible for affordable housing?

Initial and successive occupiers must demonstrate that:

1. They have lived in the local community for at least 3 consecutive years or were born and brought up in the  community; or

2. They are existing residents who require separate accommodation within the local community, such as newly married couples; or

3. They are already principally employed in the community; or

4. They have an offer of employment in the area but cannot take up the offer because of a lack of affordable accommodation; or

5. They wish to move into the community in order to look after an infirm or elderly relative or to be looked after by a relative already resident in the community

6. Both initial and subsequent occupiers shall not already mortgage or own a residential property and shall have not recently sold a property unless the Council is satisfied that the occupier has an exceptional need for the affordable home

Those who wish to access Affordable Housing must evidence their need and eligibility and can do so by completing an Eligibility Questionnaire.  

How do I build my own affordable home? 

Powys County Council is committed to encouraging and enabling the provision of affordable housing through the planning system.

For further information on developing affordable housing or building your own affordable home, please see the Council's Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) .

For pre-application planning advice, please contact:

Brecknockshire                          Montgomeryshire                            Radnorshire

Planning Services                       Planning Services                           Planning Services
Neuadd Brycheiniog                    Neuadd Maldwyn                            The Gwalia
Cambrian Way                           Severn Road                                   Ithon Road
Brecon                                       Welshpool                                      Llandrindod Wells
LD3 7HR                                    SY21 7AS                                      LD1 6AA
Tel: 01874 624141                       Tel: 01938 552828                          Tel: 01597 823737
Fax: 01874 612339                      Fax: 01938 551348                         Fax: 01597 827178

The Council's Affordable Housing Officer should also be consulted:

Mark Davies
Affordable Housing Officer
Tel: 07775 817295


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