Landlord Loans

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“Interest Free” Landlord Loans

Project Summary

• Unique & highly adaptive interest-free loan scheme – easily tailored to local needs & individual strategies

• Easily implemented - adapted from established grant application process

• In-house administration & financial recovery - avoids costly FSA registered organisational costs

• 50% maximum funding target - includes 1st year payment “holiday” to establish rental income

• Annual loan recovery over 5 years - allows accurate forecasting of finance & facilitates planning

• Virtually self-financing - 88% of capital recycled for re-distribution

• Pioneering & successful - Powys setting standards of collaborative working with partner organisations

“The innovative way Powys Council has established this project ensures Empty Homes are brought back into use. This model offers greatest opportunity for success compared with others in the UK.”
- Mid Wales Housing Association

“Our partnership with PCC is invaluable in establishing innovative products and has helped green up local households more quickly.”
- Robert Owen Community Banking Fund