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Cabinet Approve Powys Common Allocations Scheme

On the 9th September 2014 the Cabinet resolved that the new Common Allocations Scheme would be implemented from the 24th November 2014.


This means that from the 24th November a new Allocations Policy and Procedure ( intranet page 141 ) will apply to all Powys County Council (PCC) housing waiting list applicants and PCC council property lettings. We will from the 7th November be initiating a plan to ensure implementation by the 24th which will mean that all applicants currently registered on the Councils ‘points’ scheme (2200 applicants) will be contacted and processed in accordance with the new procedures and placed on the QL system. Applicants registered in the Newtown area who have been administered by the pilot Common Housing Register (CHR) will also be transferred onto the new  Housing IT system. The CHR will continue in Newtown. We will be engaging with our Housing Association partners with a view to them joining the CHR over the next 12 months in all other areas of Powys.


The new procedure is customer focused and applicants will not be required to complete an application form. Every applicant will be spoken to, to establish whether they are in housing need. Where applicants are in housing need their housing options will be discussed and consideration will be given to the suitability of social housing to address their needs. Only persons who have a housing need and are ready to move will be registered. Applicants guilty of unacceptable behaviour will be allowed on the register but they will be expected to agree a ‘ready to move plan’ if they have not kept to the plan they may be overlooked for any lettings.


We will need to agree with Housing Associations the level of involvement in the scheme  and the costs associated with each model of delivery.


The new procedure will enable Powys to address new duties as detailed in the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, Housing Associations who cooperate will be considered as assisting the local authority. The restructure of Housing Services in Powys has also taken into account the CHR and will support its effective implementation across Powys. From November the Housing Service will have 22 Housing Management and Options Officers (HMOO’s)who will be administering the CHR, managing a small patch of Council properties, providing advice and assistance to people who approach the Council for housing assistance including those threatened with homelessness or who are homeless.  


HMOO’s and First Contact officers will receive training on the new It system QL and on the new Policy and Procedure prior to the go live date. If you have any queries regarding the policy and procedure please contact  Dafydd Evans, Service Manager Housing Solutions, dafydd.evans@powys.gov.uk or Kelly Jones, Strategy and Policy Officer, kelly.jones@powys.gov.uk .


Clink the link below to view the policy and procedure:


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25 Sep 2014 16:11

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